music.: Paramore’s ‘Rose Colored Boy’, says Drink More Coffee.

wake up

In Paramore’s new video, Rose Colored Boy, it features the band not just an 1980’s news team but what an 1980’s news team does to get through life, “drink more coffee.”

in bright and contrasting washed out pinks and sunbursts of orange we see the three as they drink coffee at the news desk, in the dressing room and on set. All this activity occurs while navigating venn diagrams, live reporting, heartbreak and smiling even when you feel like there isn’t anything to smile about. Hello, because that’s life and its hard sometimes.

Directed by The Weeknd and Warren Fu, take a big swig of coffee precedes the reality of a very human act, letting loose and breaking a few social rules too.

Now, can I have this monochrome style look for my next coffee shop date?  Get After Laughter here, check their upcoming tour here.