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when chicago natives, The Chi-lites – soul group and Rhythm and Blues Hall of Famers – recently stepped onto the green in QueensBridge, Queens, they showed that soul music is still alive and strutting.   the current group consists of the last original member,  Marshall Thompson,  along with Fred Simon of The Lost Generation, Frank Reed and Tara Henderson.

clad in powder blue – in suit and dress- they showed  the crowd why their songs are some of the most highly sampled in the music industry. and, that evening, it was their vocals that displayed the brightest colors of all.

I thought it would be fun to create a mini-mix with a couple of their classics and a modern reinterpretation of a couple more, via samples by contemporary musicians like Beyonce, JayZ -via producer Just Blaze-, and Fantasia. Chicago, smdlr is strutting in Brooklyn.

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