music.: Tea and Relaxation with A Tribe Called Quest

for Phife


A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest, film stills

Alt hip-hop received a iconic musical gem on December 19, 1993, as the single “Electric Relaxation” from A Tribe Called Quest’s third album Midnight Marauders was released. While it praised the idea of “relaxation,” with pretty young things in the New York streets it also used the landscape of street culture – a beautiful thing in itself to tell its story. From cabbing it across the Brooklyn Bridge to occupying a diner over beverages and tea, the tribe, blessed with lines by The Five Foot Freak gave the world a mini personal essay on relationships or lack there-of from the back of the taxi to a diner over tea – as the Tribe was still handling fame.

There is no shortage of love for these men who also brought music culture classics like Can I Kick It?, The Scenario and Bonita Applebaum. Enjoy the memories and relax well Phife.

Electric Relaxation

Can I Kick It?

Bonita Applebum

Thanks ATCQ for putting culture on!