music.: There’s Something About Coffee, Day 1 Coffee Comps, Knoxville, Tennessee.

can I get my music?


signature coffee order, black with milk

Thirty competitors received ten minutes each to create an espresso and a signature beverage as part of the United States Coffee Championships qualifiers on Day 1, in the city of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Among the thirty participating baristas from around the nation,  they discussed content from a variety of categories; origins – Burundi, flavors – Kumquat marmalade, farmers, stereotypes – naturals, process – freezing green coffee, methods – V60, ideas – youth and experience as well as industry – restaurant and fine dining. While doing so, they enunciated their thoughts to music, songs they curated to pair with their competition routine.

Here’s a capsule of the music, compiled and curated by a movement of sound unto itself.