music.: mixtape DubBC, Lend Me Your Ears and Your Gesha. Day 2. June 23.

experimental grounds


cappuccino, Recreational Coffee, Long Beach


The story of barista and champion continued in the millennium storied city of Ireland where great milk and legends of four leaf clovers abound, and the remaining half of national competitions.

On this second day coffee was discussed often in the context of a barista’s power to challenge norms, take risk, move beyond physical perceptions all with the goal of creating hospitable environments for new experiments and foundations for change within the industry.

As each competitor took the stage, they were culturally buoyed by their music which often underscore their themes with lyrics that provided conscious thoughts to the ideals they express in compact and complex forms. There were frill of smoke, vacuum chambers, VR headsets and cameos by the standard tool: a blender.  Here’s the mixtape for Day 2 of the World Barista Competition held in Dublin. Press play. For Day 1 click here.