National Coffee Day 2014

coffeetographer_me_nationalcoffeedayNational Coffee Day is a day to recognize coffee and the culture it keeps. In so doing, I give a nod to all the people of the culture; the farmers – planters and cultivators, the producers – buyers and sellers, the curators – roasters and baristas, the coffee shops and above all its consumers, people like you and I.

On this day, I encourage you to go independent and visit a specialty coffee shop perhaps your local favorite or one that is on your list that you’ve been meaning to try. Make it happen today! As you do take in the surroundings, the music, the human buzz, the smells, the design, the art – if it exists.  Chat with your barista or a new stranger and by all means let your coffee cool before taking that covetable first sip.

While I’ll also be exploring somewhere new today and taking in the same culture I’ve encouraged you to do, this year, I decided to bring some very special friends along with me to celebrate this day. Over the course of the day on this space, through twitter and Instagram, I’ll be sharing their photos, their take on coffee and how they see the importance of coffee culture.  After all, without people, where would our culture be?

On this day lets remember all the hands that make our pleasures and culture possible.



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