National Coffee Day with…Blake Scott, Anything and Everything LA


Blake Scott,

c: What’s your default coffee order?

Blake: Black Coffee

c: Tell me a story about one of your greatest first sips.

Blake: My first sip at Saturday’s Surf. I arrived to NY a few days before fashion week to explore the city. I had a meeting at Miansai, and Saturdays was next door. We (Ash and I) walked to the back and took a seat. We were surrounded by age old brick buildings, the greenest greens, and the blue sky up above. Everything about that moment sticks with me. I had found peace in the bustling city before a chaotic week ahead.

c: I walk into a coffee shop, I see you, what are you most likely wearing?
A textured suit with classic brogues.

c: Coffee culture is bigger than coffee, its about humanity. What message would you like to send to humanity this day?

Blake: Coffee is about the connection between cultures-there are no boundaries.

c: What ‘day’ is next on your calendar that you want the world to know about?
Blake: The launch of my new blog coming mid November.


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