National Coffee Day…with Califa Coyote

califa coyote, herbal alchemist

Califa Coyote

c: What’s your default coffee order?

Califa: Straight up, black coffee. Preferably an Ethiopian.

c: Tell me a story about one of your greatest first sips.

Califa: In Healdsburg, California (my hometown), there is a shop called The Flying Goat. They made me an amazing brew that reminded me of oolong tea. I sat outside looking at the plaza in the morning, it was perfect.

c: I walk into a coffee shop, I see you, what are you most likely wearing?

Califa: Black velvet leggings, Doc Martens + my Einstein shirt.

c: Coffee culture is bigger than coffee, its about humanity. What message would you like to send to humanity this day?

Califa: If we could all get in touch with our humanness, our humanity, our compassion, we could solve things from a place of love and possibility.

c: What ‘day’ is next on your calendar that you want the world to know about?

Califa: I’m getting ready to launch my herbal tea company, Wild Coyotea. I don’t have a date yet but keep your tastebuds open for some magical and medicinal herbal blends inspired by California.


Righteous #cupUP