National Coffee Day… Kris Punturere, Bar Nine La


Kris, 'ClicknKris'

c: What’s your default coffee order?

Kris: A brewed coffee, Chemex brewed preferably. On a hot day when the heat is just draining all of my darned energy I usually go for a cold brew + a shot (which has been quite often recently).

c: Tell me a story about one of of your greatest first sips.

Kris: This was about a year ago, I was in Pittsburgh PA at the time for college. It was around this time that I had started tasting coffee that was actually good and was rich with prominent notes and not just the taste of burnt beans. I started messing around a bit on my own in my dorm with coffee to water ratios, temperature, etc etc.

I had started to invite my pals over for coffee almost every morning that I could, they started to call it ‘Coffee with Kris’ which I found amusing. It was on one of those mornings (can’t remember which exactly). The sun was shining magically through my windows, I was surrounded by good people and good energy, the light illuminated the steam coming from the freshly brewed coffee (french press brewed if you’re interested for one reason or another). I poured everyone a cup, sat down, closed my eyes, took a deep whiff of the coffee in my cup, took a sip and everything just felt right, the whole world just seemed to calm itself in that moment.

c: I walk into a coffee shop, I see you, what are you most likely wearing?

Kris: Behind bar, I usually wear my best button up, denim, a Stronghold brand apron and my favorite pair of Red Wing boots. On a day off, same thing(minus the apron of course).

c: Coffee culture is bigger than coffee, its about humanity. What message would you like to send to humanity this day?

Kris: I once read this quote about coffee a few years back that has stuck with me ever since. It was a quote by a man named Mark Free, who curated the Black Coffee pop-up in Melbourne and manages Brother Baba Budan in Melbourne. The quote is as follows.

“The perfect cup of coffee is not only about how you make it, or which bean you use, but also (and just as importantly) who has made it for you”

Coffee is more than simply a drink that brings you energy or brightens your day. It is no less nor is it equal to your casual drinks of the day, it sums up to so much more. Coffee is a conversation, and I don’t necessarily mean verbal per say. A conversation with coffee is one of pure spiritual connection, it is one drenched in love, grace, and delicate craft. When someone makes your coffee with absolutely care and love for the process, your cup becomes so much more than a mid day pick-me-up or your daily morning eye-opener, it becomes an exchange between barista and recipient, one of trust and love, one of absolute good conversation.

c: What ‘day’ is next on your calendar that you want the world to know about?

Kris: Well my birthday is on the 28th of September, but hey in the end it is just another day and another year wiser I guess. But truly, I want everyone to know about today, right here, right now. I can’t think of a better day to share with you all than this one, because it sure is magnificent ain’t it?

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