National Coffee Day…with Ashley Tianah

Ash, Anything and Everything LA

Ash, Anything and Everything LA

c: What’s your default coffee order?

Ash: Cappuccino

c: Tell me a story about one of your greatest first sips.

Ash: We were on our way to Handsome Coffee for our first ever “photo-shoot”. Nerves were at an all time high, but we figured if we were somewhere comfortable, it wouldn’t be so bad. We shot, sipped, and chatted. Somewhere in between, our new friend began talking about a woman he had just spoken to while waiting for us to arrive. Over cappuccinos that day, I never would’ve imagined she would become family; closer than friends, beyond the coffee. My first coffeeship was created. Love you, sis.

c: I walk into a coffee shop, I see you, what are you most likely wearing?

Ash: A dress and Birks, two thin necklaces, my watch, and several bracelets- sunnies on the table.
c: Coffee culture is bigger than coffee, its about humanity. What message would you like to send to humanity this day?

Ash: Never forget the romance of coffee and how you feel being surrounded by the space and your neighbors. Coffee shops are more than coffee, they’re places to build connections, network, and even make some of your best friends- even if you don’t know it at that moment. Create your coffeeship!

c: What ‘day’ is next on your calendar that you want the world to know about?

Ash: Exploring my limits and capabilities through the launch of my personal blog.

#cupUP sis!