National Coffee Day with… Isra Serna, The Detallista

cafe con isra

cafe con isra

c: What’s your default coffee order?

Isra: Drip. Preferably Ethiopian (if in season).

c: Tell me a story about one of your greatest first sips.

Isra: When I was first invited to stay at the dinner table for coffee with all the adults. My mom grinned when she offered me a cup of coffee. She later told me she made mine milk based with only a table spoon of coffee. She wanted me to stay focused on the conversation.

c: I walk into a coffee shop, I see you, what are you most likely wearing?

Isra: Dark denim, tucked in buttoned up, a tie, my favorite pair of cap toe shoes and a smile.

c: Coffee culture is bigger than coffee, its about humanity. What message would you like to send to humanity this day?

Isra: I believe in inner beauty, but do what you can on the outside.

c:  What ‘day’ is next on your calendar that you want the world to know about?

Isra: December 18 – International Migrants Days. It’s important to recognize the millions of migrants who, through their courage and dreams, help make our societies more prosperous.

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