film.: The New York Coffee Festival does Coffee With New York

dark and sweet

cofffeetographer-new-york-coffee-festival -2017

Bacon Brothers via New York Coffee Festival

On the heels of The New York Coffee Festival returning to the city for its annual event, it releases a short film in the first of its new series ‘Coffee With New York’. The series features New York Stories and New York Places told by those that love coffee. This inaugural episode features Michael Bacon and Kevin Bacon talking about New York; Kevin Bacon’s move to New York and early start in 1976, Greek diners and cafes, mom and pop shops, making coffee at home and exploring coffee in New York.

I find this so interesting, ” I’m always a little bit disasppointed when I get coffee out, its never as good as when we make it at home.” Kevin Bacon.

There’s something intrinsically cool hearing people tell their story about coffee and the places it takes them, over coffee. So, yes keep holding that coffee cup, Kevin.

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