In Season, Where to Coffee New York Fashion Week , AW 16

Did someone say coffee?

Macchiato, by Round K, LES

Macchiato, by Round K, LES

As seasons change so does the beloved beverage that finds it ways into the neighborhood cubby holes on treelined streets, beside brownstones and within lifestyle venues that remind culture seekers that all of it – the food, the beverage, the life, the style – connects. For this culture’s biannual Where to Coffee During NYFW feature, here’s a look at where you should grab a cup, warm up – because its feeling like the teens this season – and fall in love with these favorites starting with The Coffeetographer’s newest find and those in the culture worth raising a cup to.

Round K

He found it by accident he said. He, K, the Korean proprietor of Round K, taught by a master on coffee, has created a pseudo Gangs of New York vibe on the Lower East Side with medium to dark wood furnishings in his vertical space, complemented by checkered black and white tile upon entrance. Its cozy, because he is as well as warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

Order:  Macchiato – currently tastes like baked peaches and milk chocolate.

@coffeepolitan, instagram

@coffeepolitan, instagram


You might miss it, if you’re not looking. But heads up, this angular space begins its greeting upon entrance, a short walk to the recessed ordering station allows you to feel the whole of its presence and experience its welcoming vibe, kind of like getting your first apartment in New York, only its super small so you find a way to make it work, right? Well, the coffee is far from being under developed. Pulling beans from it has just the right punch to put your chilled body temperature over into official ‘warm’ mode.

Order:  Cortado, tart acidity, rounded out by butter cookies and the feel of melting sugar in the raw.


La Colombe | Soho + Noho

Hail the hemp. For this along, it could make a milk and coffee lover go mad! Mad, in a very good way. With its roasting quality – hello Fishtown – increasingly getting better, a sit down in its pretty cafes, triangular wood tables and always well selected music choices, a visit here is worth a proper sit down and a little street style watching too.

Order: A chocolate chip cookie and a Cappuccino : graham crackers, granny smith apples and fired bananas, silky



@camillebecerra, instagram

@camillebecerra, instagram

Cafe Henrie | 110 Forsyth

The bowls the thing. While they are serving a staple in New York coffee culture, Counter Culture, their Parisian vibe and floral paradise color hues bring warmth to the eyes and the imagination. Sitting at one of their rounds with a wide range of music journeying from electric pop, indie, Bossa Nova and beyond, it’s transportation, into a collaged world of culture bordered by the once wider area of Little Italy and Chinatown.

Order: Dragon Bowl by Camille Becerre and a standard cappuccino for measure. 


Cafe Grumpy

Order: Cortado, a punch of apple, brown sugar and ripened raisins. Or, current Malacara B, brewed singly.

@diannnnneee, instagram

@diannnnneee, instagram

Bluestone Lane | 2 East 90th Street

For uptowners, visitors and locals looking for respite before heading downtown into the city for shows or meet ups, this Manhattan based brand has an uptown east location providing all the avocado and toast to lovingly go with your Australian styled filter coffee and espresso and milk. There’s something in how these avocados smashed with flecks of red pepper and tomatoes make a stylish coffee lover feel real good.

Order: Avo Smash with Flat White:  almond cream, cinnamon toast, with soft shards of plum.

2 East 90th Street


Tilda All Day | 930 Fulton Street, Brooklyn

Because, a Where To Coffee list has to include a location in Brooklyn. Fulton Street is a through line for the borough and it exists as a gradient of history, a Brooklyn of the past and one of current being flooded with new ideas on food, culture and service.  Pumpkin toned bench seats, maple colored coffee tables, white countertops vintage spoons from Parlor coffee makes for all you’ll need. Trust us.

Order: Flat white, a side of potatoes and avo slices. The slices will be gone before you can practically slice them in half.