Culture Cooler.: Indio, London and Arkansas on The Map. April 4 ,2017

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ONE: Indio Valley, CA

Hide Your Phones? Not!

If you know coffee culture then you’ll love Coachella’s eats this year. The buzz words signifying all that’s cool, trending and of the now like – cold brew, nitro and matcha make its way on to the festival’s grounds among more than 100 food vendors serving from VIP to general admission.

There will be cold brew green tea from the Fat Dragon, coffee from Menotti’s, matcha from Matcha Bar, and more coffee from Go Get Em Tiger.



Lend me your cups!

If there was ever a good coffee scheme, this one looks to be among them. According to the BBC, London is calling for you to recycle your coffee cup. In a campaign that aims to change the “only 1% of the 2.5 billion paper coffee cups used in the UK each year are recycled,” will take coffee cups, recycle them and term ome of that into new products at an outdoor venue.


Coffee by the Creek

A gateway to specialty coffee is coming to Arkansas’ Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. Onyx Coffee brings a program of East African, Central and South American coffees to the museum known for its bridges and collection of American art.

Opening in November 11, 2011 and established by heroes Alice Walton, the museum has heralded a place for coffee alongside art since its start It’s a joy to see how this progression into specialty coffee via Onyx Coffee will pair with its experience.