Northside Innovation, A ReCap. June 7-9, 2917

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Jun 9

I hear the music of YeraSon out of @kinfolklife for the @ClawsTNT Backstory Supper event @NorthsideFest. Bring on the Cuban spread. #nside


Jun 9

  • Cant go wrong with this beat. @HIMANSHU @NorthsideFest#nside
  • Rapper @HIMANSHU giving apples, citrus + potassium before his @BuzzFeed stage performance at @NorthsideFest – out of a tote. #idigit #nside
  • Yes to this > on what’s exciting rn: Music from Africa is getting exposure; Mr Eazi, Wiz kid. Black coffee. @NorthsideFest#nside
  • radio+streaming: Everyone is still creating radio. Ppl love radio/Ppl also love ppl. The personality is still the human connection. #nside
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  • On multi-platform: U want to hang out where everyone is having fun. If all platforms are having fun:have fun. Culture+Curator @NorthsideFest
  • We want to get out into the world and see people and touch people. @Beats1 Culture and Curator, @NorthsideFest #nside
  • People want right now. It’s not about luxury or collection it’s what they want to access immediately. ‘Culture and Curator’ @NorthsideFest
  • A playlist is a parking lot. Tuma Basa @Spotify Rap Caviar #northside #nside

PANEL : The Culture and Curator in the Streaming Era with entities from @Spotify @Beats1 @SoundCloud@NorthsideFest #nside

  • “There’s never been a better time to be a storyteller.” Charlie Melchor @FoSTorg, @NorthsideFest
  • “There’s a lot more competition for ppls attention. A reason why storytelling IS getting better.” Charlie Melchor @FoSTorg, @NorthsideFest
  • Everyone has access to technology. But editing is a skill. A film can go viral+do this, that but doesn’t mean it’s good “ Rosenthal #nside

“I don’t know what we should be doing but [ VR ] is so important.” Nicholas Thompson @WiredThe crowd chuckles. @NorthsideFest #nside

“Every new medium creates different opportunities and restrictions. And then, the culture comes out of it.” Nicholas Thompson @WIRED #nside

“It all goes back to the story. It’s about telling the best story you can.” Jane Rosenthal, #nside @NorthsideFest

It’s packed. PANEL: Storytelling in the Digital Age @NorthsideFest “I’ve always being interested in non linear stoytelling.” Jane Rosenthal

Jun 8

“Our instincts are to make a story that is neat. Love is not neat” € a contributing writer to @nytimes Modern Love, @NorthsideFest #nside

A cafe is the perfect place for a love story-modern love story. At @kinfolklife 4 @NorthsideFest for a live @nytimes ‘Modern Love’ #nside

@NorthsideFest: I’m all in on this @Shutterstock@nytimes panel on branded content,cultural timing and storytelling in the now #nside

Jun 7

PANEL: “Startups: data and trust your gut. Forget the spreadsheet.” Jackson Jeyanayagam, @BoxedWholesale, @NorthsideFest, #nside

Jun 7

PANEL: Vision to Victory: StartUps to Industry Leaders “I talk to people because I think ppl r fascinating.” Julie M. @waze, @NorthsideFest

Master Class: Subject is everything. Fill the frame. @AndrewHWalker w @Shutterstock x @NorthsideFest #nside

In 2017 who isn’t taking pictures? Globally we are speaking in photographs : largest form of communication. @NorthsideFest#nside

Master Class: From Selfies to Portraits.”This year ppl will take 1.2 trillion photos.” @Shutterstock x @NorthsideFest + @thewilliamvale wow

So good!

.@JesseBrihn and Bryan Litman from @droga5 are explaining how audience participation will affect storytelling. #ShutterstockStage #nside

Amen! > The content needs to be as emotional as possible. People are too focused on the delivery system and not the content. @droga5 #nside

People are addicted to content. If you’re focused on the content it – the delivery system doesn’t matter. @droga5 @NorthsideFest#nside

PANEL: Think like a producer. How can you get more out of an interview: gifs, video, audio. @NorthsideFest #nside with @droga5

This is fact. PANEL: How To Stand Out From the Crowd: @thewilliamvale, “Any great idea needs a purpose.” #nside@NorthsideFest

But before this next panel ‘Visual Content Marketing’ another half filled cup of coffee via #Leica @NorthsideFest@thewilliamvale #nside

My first visit to the @thewilliamvale and @NorthsideFest is to thank. These lines. #nside

PANEL: Leveraging Immersive Video: creating emotional connection for brands is incredibly hard-that’s the power of interactive media #nside

PANEL: Leveraging Immersive Video Learning about the power of visuals and storytelling perspectives > @CocaCola#inseparable @NorthsideFest

What’s that in @thesheertruth hands as she discusses thoughts on diversity in television? #@NorthsideFest #nside#coffeeisaculture

The woman next to me said. You’re smelling it? I said, “Yes, need it in my senses. Then she said, Are you into coffee?” Am I? #nside

Went for my morning cup, pushed the lever, and that black coffee came trickling down. Then I smelled it. Mmmm. @NorthsideFest #nside 1/2

PANEL: “Artists create culture.” Paola Mendoza @NorthsideFest #nside

On performance, being compared to past SNL colleague Leslie Jones +individual craft: “All we can do is do what we do.” @thesheertruth #nside

PANEL: “I don’t want diversity to be a trend. If we put out different stories we’ll consume it. @thesheertruth@NorthsideFest #nside

PANEL: Transforming The Content Supply “It takes a long time for someone to find their voice as a creator.” @NorthsideFest#nside

Walked into my first panel at the annual @NorthsideFest like…. #nside