NYFW AW16, Day 1:Brother Vellies, Kanye West, Creatures of Comfort, Ulla Johnson, Creatures in the Wind

hey fall, hey


@travelwritedraw, Instagram, @kanye west twitter

@travelwritedraw, Instagram, @kanye west twitter

Culture wants to remember what it’s like to feel something, to be fitted in an idea bigger than itself, that houses not just its own dreams but those of another. Culture wants to walk and remember that hands its  never met are now greeting it because its chosen to waltz with fall.

Brother Vellies, Aurora James
@emilymen instagram

@emilymen instagram

Thou art here, Oh Brother. Shoes with footing  to lean on gives face to the model of sourcing indigenous culture through for cult consumer appeal.  Models evoking the trench of a people far, far, away from the studio in which they stood brought the intimate continuance of bringing textures that can feather the skin while sustaining wearable cool.

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Come fall, feet will be so honored to have such a grounding mission to walk in.

Yeezy Season 3, Kanye West
There is always something in the sea that catches the eye. Still waters flavoring down a stream to a new place one can’t even see but it can. Kanye West punches of rose red among a sea of baked taupes, muted army greens and fitted body wear was such. It was  the feeling of some kind of a call to a new day,  a new way of expressing how fashion can be presented: a theatrical still photo punctured by stream of conscious thoughts packages in a movement of mostly unheard public music in ‘The Life Of Pablo.’
Life: poetic, artistic, a container of ideas smuggled, to chants of support – yes, these take on all the Picasso’s the media has referenced in regards to which ‘Pablo’ it is that West alludes to. West’s waters aren’t still, they are rambunctious, traveling up a stream only he can possibly know. In the end, artists really only know once they finish the work, and even then, there’s a stroke or two left that haunts them.
Humans feel. We feel with our the muscles in our cheeks and the blood rushing through the veins that color our skin and oxygenates our pores. Breathing life into how color compliments fabric, Creatures of the Wind gives our cheeks reason to balloon, our closets a refreshing look, when in late summer, fall begins to preview before us its a slow and sure seasonal change. When it comes, personal style will play with breasted coasts, skirts that cling and dresses that give a feel of modest elegance.
We’re human again, ladies.

Dip me in a paste of sun exposed mustard and deep rouge river. For when the season requires the finer, looser things these will be among the layers in kind, to give falls oncoming shorter hours the draping lengths the season deserves.


Now wash us all in plaits and pleats.

Lets live pretty. Lets flirt with things that feel like pillows and layers that amount to human hugs. Lets grace our limbs