The October Calendar. 2017



espresso, TFBC, SoHo

25-27, BRAZIL

Brazil produces a third of the world’s free coffee. Major key. This international player in culture hosts the country’s biggest coffee festival, Brazil International Coffee Week in Minas Gerais, Brazil’s largest coffee producing state. During the three day event the entire chain of coffee will be highlighted through symposiums, workshops, roasting courses.

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Marshall The Movie, film still

Marshall, The Movie.
“If you ant freedom you’re going to have to fight for it,” so says one of the characters in the film premiering this month telling the story of the first African American attorney to sit on the United States Supreme Court. The true story is a story of real life events, struggles, and a case of how one man, with the support of many broke down doors, including one of the biggest in the United States. Not to be missed is the performance of recent Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown, (This Is Us).
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Through 2018 MOMA Cathy Wilkes arrives to the museum with sculptural installations, inspired by the personal and universal aspects of domesticity and ritual life. She is the inaugural recipient of the Maria Lansing Glasgow Prize.


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