on coffee.: A Single Button Coffee Maker, Japan’s Canned Coffee in America, White Coffee Vests in Paris.

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Ten Belles, Paris, France 2020

  1. “I don’t do sales,” Butler said. “I don’t do free coffeeCalifornia x L.A. Times
  2. The Brooklyn-based Terra Kaffe has launched its inaugural coffee maker that serves barista-level drinks with the ease of just pressing a button. Brooklyn x HypeBeast
  3. In the 1970s Japan gave the world pocket calculators and the Walkman. A less well-known Japanese invention of the era was canned coffee. Tokyo x The Economist
  4. Imagine sitting in the corner of a cosy cafe with forest-green terrazzo and light American oak interiors, coffee in hand, staring out the window and watching shoppers from South Melbourne Market saunter by. Melbourne x Broadsheet
  5. When the participants were asked to rate each coffee tasting experience, individually, they tended to rate the same coffee as significantly less bitter, and as having a less intense aroma, when tasted with the louder noise. U.K. x The Daily Mail
  6. “Lightweight black, white coffee and iceberg vests were made up molding [Issey Miyake’s] fabrics into a soft shell — so that there were no seams.” Paris x Associated Press.
  7. “This means that while coffee quality is of the utmost importance, coffee lovers are also looking for brands that are innovative, playful, responsible and source their beans sustainability.” World x Beverage Daily