on coffee.: A Cafe Without Coffee, A Sundance Screener’s Coffee and Grocery Aisle Coffee.

let’s talk about coffee

cde_coffeetographer_hanoi_vietnam_20201. “Yakas points to the water reservoir – the part of the coffee maker that stores water – as one of the dirtiest parts of the kitchen if not cleaned on a regular basis.” USA Today

2. “There’s no place like Café Forgot.” ID Magazine

3. Coffee is used as a story device to establish The O’Haras, family’s American life as an American dream in the Sundance screener, The Nest. Variety  

4.”Cezar saw other opportunities — expanding people’s knowledge of specialty coffees. “The opportunity is in everyday grocery aisles,” he said.” Yahoo

5. “It’s not like there were a lot of places to just learn [coffee], unless you had a job somewhere. I’m not the employee type so I had to figure it out. That meant YouTube, the Ethiopian lady on Telegraph who had a hot plate and a wok.” Forbes

6. “Andrea Allen is the 2020 US Barista Champion!” US Coffee Championships

7.”Seattle rapper Macklemore has signed on with the Grants Pass coffee staple as executive creative director.” BizJournals

8. “A day in the life of a Singapore biohacker, who takes ice-cold baths, drinks coffee with butter, and naps in infrared light.” MSN

9. The bi-coastal reach of Pop Up Grocer was also a selling point for New York-based cold brew brand RISE Brewing Co. to join the Los Angeles location. BevNet