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on coffee

cortado, happy bones

cortado, happy bones

“On human rights day we remember that good coffee is a human right.” Academy of Coffee

“When I met Yvan several years ago, after holding his book launch at my old store and cafe, A Curious Teepee, it was obvious why he’d chosen social media as his medium. Rodic is a natural multi-tasker: ” Buro 24/7

“New coffee shop in town.” @donedifferently

“It gets battered, you can read it whilst walking, fold it over, hold it in one hand like a book and have your coffee in the other – you don’t feel like you can’t use it.” It’s Nice That 

“Im the kind of guy who buys 20 versions of the same outfit so I don’t have to think about what timeless. So if something can clean my teeth and replace my morning coffee,  I’m all in.”  David Chang. T Design