on coffee.: Adweek, ICO, The Gourmand, Thump, Treehugger

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Oslo Coffee, UES, NY

The logo of one very influential app  – Instagram – is modernized and coffee finds its way into its video. Adweek.

Total exports in the first half of coffee year 2015/16 are estimated up by 1.6% to 55.5 million bags, showing that the coffee market continues to be well supplied, although concerns linger over Robusta availability.” International Coffee Organization

“At the camp, I was greeted warmly and most people allowed me to take their picture  while there, I had coffee with a group of Sudanese men and ate Quality Street toffee with a 60 year old man from Kuwait and his six-year-old grandson.” The Gourmand / The Calais Jungle

“I was being sent to a “coffee rave.” At 7am.” Thump

“Disposable coffee cups are not as big a problem in Italy, where people get their caffeine fix from a quick espresso served at the bar in a ceramic cup.” Treehugger