on coffee.: At Home Coffee, Patrick Mohomes Coffee Time and Vietnam’s Coffee Waste Masks

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Ten Belles, Paris France

You might not be going to the corner coffee shop, but you have to settle for bad coffee. Fast Company

More than 70% of the consumers prefer at-home coffee preparation, and 59% of the coffee consumed daily is a gourmet coffee. Yahoo Finance 

The combination of coffee, creamer, and bubbly soda water is deliciously satisfying. Pop Sugar

“While many of us are working from home in our cozy sweats, pouring ourselves a cup of coffee and then poring over our laptops, Valerie and her comrades are pouring every bit of their being into helping people recover and at the same time, helping others sadly leave this world in a dignified way without being able to say goodbye to those they love.” Variety

“Air pollution — and then the outbreak of COVID-19 — prompted Thanh to take a gamble on sourcing Vietnamese coffee waste material to turn it into masks.” VietReader

“I’m pretty serious about my coffee. Cantave De Saint Marc makes some of the best I’ve ever had.”  New York Magazine

“He’s up at 7 a.m., often with no alarm. He flips on TV, usually ESPN—where occasionally he’ll find that he’s the topic of discussion—drinks his coffee, then drinks a pre-workout supplement concoction, in that order.” GQ

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