on coffee:. ‘Five on Tue’ July 7, ’15


Scapegoat Coffee, Hermosa Beach


The things said when talking about coffee.

I think I’d like to be that first coffee that helps people to wake up, you know?” Stevean Marks of Coutume,  The Barista Profile Project

“She brings you a coffee, says its on me, then I’m left with a tab.” @Emilykingmusic, The Switch.

“Saturday morning, 6.30am. Surf check and a pot of coffee. Paul usually heads out for a wave or a fish while I’ll take photos if the light is good.” Garance Dore

“In the event that the Juicee is offered a sample of rare-foot blend” that is “basically like coffee,” Juice Your Own Adventure acknowledges the Juicee’s right to get the hell of there—that is a trap.” The New Yorker

“True patriots take their coffee to go.” Pacific Standard

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