on coffee.: Cape Town’s Coffee and Djar, Coffee Sleeves with Mythical Status, Roasters of the Year

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Seagull Method, Lisbon, Portugal

  1. “Relaxing, being in and observing the quiet of nature, even enjoying the smell of coffee cooking over a campfire,” says Kvam. “These are also considered friluftsliv.” Norway x Smithsonian Mag 
  2. Greater Goods Coffee Company and Tony’s Coffee have won Roast magazine’s 17th annual Roaster of the Year competition.  National x Roast Magazine 
  3. Williams credits her current situation in part to her now-partner and founder of Counterpart Joshua Pourgol, a serial restaurateur known for coffee shops, burrito spots, and, yes, vegan burgers.  Los Angeles x Eater 
  4. The board of the popular coffee shop [Brooklyn Roasting Company] blamed the closure on a series of misfortunate events, beginning with a failed 2018 deal to be purchased by an investment group that included the former CEO of Dunkin Donuts for $22 million, which investors eventually backed out of, according to court documents. New York x Brownstoner 
  5. His is the only place in town where you can drink a traditional Senegalese café Touba, the aromatic blend of coffee and djar (also known as grains of Selim, Selim pepper and Guinea pepper). Cape Town x Life and Thyme 
  6. Alfred Coffee‘s cup sleeves have reached mythical status in Los Angeles, attracting brands like Postmates and Nike. Here’s how a small independent chain built a marketing empire.  Los Angeles x AdWeek
  7. “She helped Arianators in Kentucky by sending food and coffee trucks to help them stay comfortable while they waited in line to vote in the state’s primary.” Kentucky x Hollywood Reporter
  8. “Using some stellar kerning and negative space, this is a coffee brand that puts your gas station coffee to shame.” Denmark x Dieline 
  9. Though “Coffee” is a lo-fi, bedroom pop ballad backed only by an acoustic guitar, on her debut full-length album, “Fake It Flowers” — out today via Dirty Hit/ Interscope Records — Kristi has turned up the volume and delivered a 12-track trip of ’90s nostalgia.” Variety
  10. “There’s practically an entire drinking religion on the continent built around the Espresso Martini.Australia x Robb Rebort