on coffee.: Coffee and Beer a Likely Pair, Move Over Cream, There’s Hemp, Coffee in St. Thomas, Oct 4, 2018

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1. Coffee has become such a prominent ingredient that it’s far more difficult to think of a brewery that hasn’t incorporated coffee into a brew than a brewery that has.

2. And the best way to stop immediately reaching for the coffee pot in the morning? Get a good night’s sleep — which is easier to do by avoiding caffeine in the afternoons can also help with too, according to CNBC.

3. Coffee and cream go together so well that a popular song of the 1920s featured the line “you’re the cream in my coffee” to illustrate two lovers’ closeness. But that bond has been broken.

4. “We always wanted to have a business and it just so happened our passion was coffee,” Ramsey said. “When we went down (to St. Thomas) we saw there really wasn’t any any available coffee brand so we wanted to establish one.”

5. “But there’s a problem: barista jobs are scarce in San Ysidro, which is home to a single Starbucks store and one Coffee Bean location.” San Diego

6 “Lavazza is broadening its operations in office coffee makers and vending machines with the acquisition, which was first reported by Bloomberg News.” Italy 

7. Coffee is practically a universal language unto itself, enjoyed in a variety of ways around the globe, from being blended with tea to being topped with an egg custard.” Chicago

8. If you scramble eggs, you can brew coffee.