on Coffee.: Coffee, Coffee, Coffee at Cannes Film Festival 2022

look who’s talking

1.“Sleep and coffee are my two big things in Cannes.” Vogue France

2.The film is named after a coffee-house for passionate chess players in the heart of Athens, which has become a refuge for those who suffocate in modern life. Variety

3.After two years spent slumped over our laptops in athleisure wear, to dress up and walk the red carpeted steps of the Palais, to hear the roar of applause at the 2,300-seat Lumière Theatre, and even to feel the fatigue of coffee– and pastry-fueled work at Cannes will be like finally waking up. Hollywood Reporter

4.The Saudi pavilion received its visitors of various nationalities in the traditional way, while preparing and serving Saudi coffee, in pride of the Kingdom’s legacy of generosity, in a way that strengthened the presence of Saudi coffee at the Cannes Film Festival in its current version.

5.From the talented Elle Fanning and her coffee on the balcony of a Cannes palace, to the elegant Omar Sy and his bow tie, and Jay Ellis, fresh out of a photo booth. Romain Duris puts on a show, Virginie Efira strikes a pose, and Bérenice Bejo and Michel Hazanavicius are camera-ready as always. Vanity Fair

6.“I, myself, have never had an assistant who lived with me 24/7 or cook [or make] coffee for me, but I’ve always been quite intrigued by what that is because I’ve seen some people in my industry, or colleagues, who have that, and it’s just… that wouldn’t work for me, personally,” Alicia Vikander said. Grazia

7.Both are struggling, and Signe works in a coffee shop where the mundanity of everyday work is suddenly shattered when a female customer is mauled by a savage dog. Deadline