on coffee.: Coffee Logs, Coffee + Whiskey for Barry Jenkins and South Korea’s Coffee Craze

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Black Horse Coffee

1. “It won the battle for New Orleans’s City Park beignet slinger, and now this local institution is serving its world-famous beignets and café au lait at MSY. (Terminal at the entrance of Concourse B).” Eater x New Orleans

2. [Coffee logs] burn 20 per cent hotter and brighter than wood and emit  80 per cent less carbon than burning kiln-dried wood. Telegraph x UK

3. “14,000 new coffee shops opened last year alone in South Korea.”  The Diplomat x Korea

4. “Two documentaries will be screened — one on the coffee leaf by Wize Monkey and one about how people choose what they eat, by Califia Farms. Stumptown Roasters created two shorts that will be shown as well.” Daily Trojan x Los Angeles

“5. I live in Brooklyn but my favorite place to drink coffee is 3,000 miles away in Vancouver.” Bon Appetit x Vancouver

6. “Cutting down the quantity of product you order will cut your carbon footprint by eliminating the shipping, the production and the factory carbon that you use,” said Lindsey Kirk with Black Iron Coffee. WANDTV x Decatur

7. “From the tiles to its coffee, the Medranos are bringing a little bit of home to their business. One of their best sellers, the Aztec Mocha, is filled with authentic Mexican spices.” ABC7 x Mexico

8. “Coffee or whiskey. I don’t know what it is about that. It just opens my mind in a certain way.” Barry Jenkins x GQ