Coffee Talk, On Coffee. September 8th, 2015

a coffee table from the worlds oldest standing McDonalds


coffee table at McDonalds’ Downey


read and said
“Falls best coffee table books and the coffee tables to put them on.” BloombergBusiness

“What if we told you that coffee, the most precious of nectars essential for civilized behaviour, will be brewed from your own pee?”  Earth & Space

“Ironically, it was over a cup of tea, given I was in my coffee phase (always Nespresso, never Starbucks), with my photographer friend Timothy Greenfield-Sanders that the birth of the 92Y series began.” Fern Mallis Gulf News

“I like my coffee black and my music blue.” @NoWaveCoffee. Twitter

“I hope there’s nothing in my life that I can’t live without for at least a day, but I do enjoy coffee.” Kyle Meck x Urban Outfitters

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