On Coffee.: Coffee Truck to Brick&Mortar, Convenient Coffee, Coffee Co-Op and more.

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1: To help everyone take a few minutes in the a.m. to savor a fancy cup of coffee, Us Weekly put together a list of coffee accessories and gear that will change the meaning of “morning joe” forever.

2: “We see that in the coffee category, with the rise of smaller brands. Brands that are perceived to be making people’s lives better, are innovative and deliver a great experience, are the most successful.”

3: Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. continues to expand beyond its namesake city with last week’s opening of a new roastery cafe in Tacoma, Washington. Washington

4:  “To be fair, “Coffee was basically this product that restaurants gave away for free back then,” Sean said. “The coffee industry took a free product and made it upscale.” 

5: “Blackbeard Espresso is joining the trend of food truck owners opening brick-and-mortar locations.” Kentucky

6: “We knew that we wanted to open a coffee shop, and obviously, location is a big deal,” Temple said. “We wanted to have something that could be more of a full-time, permanent location. We are always going to be here.” 

7: Back in the day, buying coffee at a convenience store in Japan meant either getting it in a can, or if you were feeling extra fancy, a prepackaged plastic cup. Japan

8: Now, this is one handsome coffee grinder that even brewheads with the most refined of coffee pallets will appreciate! 

9: Community takes up the offer of coffee with a Cop in droves. Australia

10: A court ruling that gave coffee drinkers a jolt earlier this year was finalized Monday when a Los Angeles judge said coffee sold in California must carry cancer warnings. Los Angeles

11: The coffee shop owner said customers can expect to learn about Vietnamese culture as the cafe brings “some good and new flavor in Vietnam to America.” Baltimore

12: Coffee Shop Purchased by Its Employees in Cooperative Deal. Maine