on coffee.: Dear Coffee Friend: The SCA Writes, Tea Vs. Coffee, Paris Coffee Festival Bids June Return, 100% Kona

talking coffee in the time of rona

Dreamin Man, Paris, France, 2020

1. Even COVID-19 Can’t Keep People Out of SF Coffee Shops (as Long as They’re Not Downtown) Eater San Francisco

2. Dear Coffee Friend…We will get through this together, and we promise to work for you until we’re on the other side, sharing a cup of coffee. Specialty Coffee Association

3. For the coffee-blinded, tea is like water, but better. Grub Street

4. Blue Bottle Coffee has become the largest United States coffee chain to temporarily close all its retail locations in an effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Daily Coffee News

5. “I noticed an appealing trend (in that it was not dance-related) of this dreamy looking drink being made. It was being called “whipped coffee.” Today

6.”It’s possible that the shape and size of a coffee cup play a vital role in how coffee drinkers perceive the taste of their coffee.” Mental Floss

7. “Many Kona coffee farmers think the Kona coffee label should only be allowed for 100% Kona products; they argue that coffee blenders and distributors cheapen Kona coffee’s reputation by blending it with imported coffee of lesser quality yet labeling the mix as Kona.” Hawai’i Business