on coffee.: Decaf Coffee Adding More Life?, Coffee as a Super Drug, A Rwandan Coffee Shop in Portland. July 5, 2018

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1: So here’s some advice for taking a sustainable approach to your own coffee habit. Choose the type of coffee that brings you the most enjoyment, and then prepare it in a way that minimises its environmental impact. Australia 

2: Latin American coffee beans got to where they are in Taiwan thanks largely to the work of Taiwan’s government, which wants to hold onto its remaining 18 allies but lacks the economic power of China to open $1 trillion in foreign-based infrastructure projects, the theme of its Belt-and-Road initiative. Taiwan

3: Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Live Longer. Decaf May Do The Trick, Too.

4: Who hasn’t at one time or another been hopelessly stalled in the middle of some important project, only to reach for the nearest cup of coffee (or tea, or caffeinated soda), and ride the caffeine wave all the way to the project’s successful completion?

5: “I was inspired while spending multiple hours in coffee shops doing my homework where I observed people spending $5 on a cup of coffee several times a day and that reminded me that particular amount can feed a whole family back home. I started wondering why coffee farmers are still struggling to provide for their families when Rwanda produces some of the best quality coffee in the world,” he said.

6: “Is Coffee A Productivity Super Drug?…Step into a coffee shop in any major city around the world and you’re likely to see people hunched over a laptop working away.”

7. How to become an expert coffee taster. Boston

8: Americans might like to joke about Canada’s beloved Tim Horton’s—Canadians can retort with Dunkin’ Donuts takedowns—but the coffee scene in Toronto goes far beyond chains. Toronto

9: Adding salt to your coffee has been known to decrease the bitterness, so if you’re stuck drinking that sour break room coffee, try adding salt and then flavoring as you normally would. 

10: Last month, a revamped Nescafé Gold coffee was launched in South Africa. South Africa.