on coffee.: Dosing Frozen Coffee, Morning Coffee, West Adams Gets Sightglass.

look who’s talking

1. Want an Apple TV+ promo with your morning coffee?

2. “You shouldn’t have to refinance your house or sell a non-essential organ on the black market to afford a truly good looking coffee table.” Architectural Digest x Clever

3. “Yes we are dosing coffee straight from the freezer into our grinders.” Proud Mary Coffee, Australia

4. Aesop is a 336-page love letter to the Australian brand.

The coffee-table book offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the company’s first 30-years in the industry from product  formulation to the design of its spaces. Hypebeast

5. Bay Area export Sightglass Coffee is set to expand deeper into Los Angeles…the new location is a sprawling warehouse space further south in West Adams. Eater LA

6.  Furthermore, coffee is toxic to dogs. New Yorker

7. Forcing industry to publicly declare volumes that they buy from each origin and how much is sustainably sourced would mitigate the duopolistic nature of coffee production, help niche origin producers, and push the industry towards sustainability. Financial Times