on coffee.: Filter Coffee Reduces Premature Death, Dalgona Coffee, Cheap Coffee Makers

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Rajastahn, India

  1. He checked the reading. No fever. I was cleared for coffee. USA Today
  2. Lithuania’s capital city will be transformed into one big open-air cafe to allow for physical distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report. NY Post
  3. Kenyan businesswoman Nasra Ali wants Nigerians to start appreciating locally grown coffee.  Deutsche Well
  4. Are cheap coffee makers and iPhones worth the apparent risks of more pandemics. The Washington Times
  5. Recipes like dalgona coffee, sourdough starters, and banana bread aren’t being associated with limitation or hardship, but with relieving stress and removing uncertainty. The Atlantic
  6. Marietta had published a blog post about her agonizing decision to shut down the coffee shop and lay off her staff, so they could collect a bigger unemployment check than their paycheck. NPR
  7. Drinking filtered coffee was associated with a 15 percent reduction in the risk of dying prematurely from any cause in both men and women. The New York Times
  8. I love a good cup of coffee. But I am also lazy. The Daily Beast
  9. The filming of a car in motion requires unique camera rigs and positions, and also ubiquitous to the [Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee] episodes are close-up shots of coffee. Courthouse News
  10. Beware of combination stains, though – the way you would treat a straight-up coffee stain is complicated if you take yours white with sugar. The Guardian