On Coffee | Five on Tue : April 21


cappuccino from Lift Coffee Roasters


The things people talk about when they talk about coffee.

“Less than half, or 48%, of American adults have money in stocks… compared to that, about 61% of adults have at least a cup of coffee daily.” CNN Money

“The nearly disastrous plunge of the Serbian president’s plane Friday was the fault of the co-pilot, who spilled coffee in the cockpit and accidentally activated an emergency switch.” The New York Times

“I liked coffee so much, and when I tried to think about another job I wanted to do, I only came up with blanks,” Brian Gelletly x The Philly Voice

“Word of their experiments spread among the coffee cognoscenti, and more people followed their lead.” The Salt

“The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival has featured an official art piece to represent the festival for the past 43 years of the festival’s 45-year history.” Mel Morimoto x West Hawaii Today