on coffee: Five on Tue August, 4th

Panama Geisha @ ElaBrew x Ruby Roasters Coffee

Panama Geisha @ ElaBrew x Ruby Roasters Coffee

on coffee

“In coffee terms, fat taste is most likely to be associated with defect descriptors such as rancid or rotten.” Daily Coffee News

“Then food starting coming out at a good pace, coffee was tasting nice, music was blasting and the word got out.” Holy Belly 

“Due to recent austerity measures, The Maccabees have to share one coffee between them.” NME

“Vincent Marotta Sr., who as a creator of the Mr. Coffee machine helped send the percolator the way of the one-horse shay, died on Saturday at his home in Pepper Pike, Ohio.” The New York Times 

“The coffee house didn’t fit into the rest of Olympia at all. It was feared…And, the coffee didn’t come from a perk-o-later that sat on a burner all day.” Thurston Talk

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