on coffee.: Five on Tue July 28′, ’15


via @acehotel Twitter

via @acehotel Twitter

on coffee

Because coffee is a conversation, each week The Coffeetographer culls lines from the minds and magazines of the world where coffee is part of the conversation. These lines exemplify thoughts in current culture – heavy and light.  Talk about it.

Some of this is to remove the art from your teeth and some is to replace what is removed with coffee and crumbs.” Rachel Weidinger x Ace Hotel [Twitter]

“THE coffee-berry borer is a pesky beetle.’ The Economist

‘Tokyo’s coffee shops operate by an unspoken rule: differentiate or perish. ” Elyssa Goldberg via Drift x Docsonz 

“If we can’t bury grandma in the city, we surely can’t handle your extra coffee cups.” MediaPost

“So the decor and show details are great, but is the coffee any good?” Vanity Fair

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