On Coffee, Five on Tue : June 9

babycakes la

babycakes la


“And if it’s late enough in the day, and you want your afternoon coffee to take a turn for the naughtier, make that coffee tonic a coffee gin and tonic.” Bon Appépit

“Why are there coffee grinds here?” Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

“If someone had said, ‘In your future, you will merge with a third-wave coffee company and expand from San Francisco to Tokyo, New York, and L.A.,’how would you have responded?” San Fran Mag

As expected, shop.hillaryclinton.com has a range of buttons and bumper stickers, though the site is also selling tongue-in-cheek printed tees and accessories, including a “red, white, and brew” coffee mug and an “Everyday Pantsuit” tee inspired by Mrs. Clinton’s favorite wardrobe staple. Style.com

“Coffee is so cheap.” Thrillist

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