On Coffee | Five on Tue : May 5

via The New Yorker

via The New Yorker


The things people talk about when they talk about coffee.

“It culminates in the World Barista Championships, which apparently are the Olympic Games of coffee jockeys.” Deadline

“Coffee shops with their fake antique espresso machines with perfect shiny red paint are so prolific (even in Paris, where real antique Parisian bistros are all over the place) that we don’t even recognize it as a style.” Garance Dore

“David Lynch’s signature brand has a new ad, created by Andrew Parkhurst, that reminds us that coffee is not suitable for robot consumption.” Paper

“London has enjoyed something of a love affair with real, good coffee in the past few years.” Vogue

“Have we been expecting too little of our coffee shops?” The New Yorker

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