on coffee.: Florence Welch Indulges Coffee, an Espresso Manicure, 8 million Keep Cups, Revolutionary?

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1. Researchers compared the chemistry makeup of cold brew and hot brew blends from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Myanmar. They found that hot brew coffee contains between 11 and 35 percent more antioxidant activity than cold brew does.

2. Five coffee shops around D.C. that are perfect for studying and working. Washington, D.C. 

3. “What’s your biggest indulgence now? Vintage clothes, books and I drink so much coffee.

4. “Her inspiration was a story she’d read about a couple in North Carolina who opened a coffee shop run by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” North Carolina

5. “We keep throwing coffee cups away with abandon to the point that, in 2016, 250 billion paper cups were made globally, according to a report from the market research firm IMARC Group (though these numbers also include paper cups for cold beverages).”

6. Little things have a cascading effect on others. When someone leaves that symbolic empty coffee pot, their unspoken message is, “My time is more valuable than yours, and I’m too important for mundane tasks.”

7. “It’s yet another use for our favorite beverage. The “Espresso Manicure” at The Spa at Four Seasons Seattle comes with coffee in a cup…and on your hands and arms.” Seattle

8. “When I arrive at Abigail Forsyth’s home there is no sign of the woman who is on a mission to revolutionise how people drink coffee.” Australia