on coffee.: Ginsburg’s Black Coffee, Chiang Mai’s capital, The South L.A. Brewing Company Making Coffee.

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Offset Coffee Co, Torrance, CA. 2020

  1. Taking a sip of coffee, he leans back and pauses to reflect. “Someone once said to me, ‘I wish for you an ordinary life and an extraordinary career,” he says. GQ
  2. “Her black coffee always brewed strong.” The New York Times
  3. Chiang Mai is transforming itself into one of the most important capitals of specialty coffee in the world. Thailand Tatler
  4.  “I would be, “Why am I always the only Black person at the coffee shop?’” she says. Barista Magazine
  5. “I believe that in my business, 15 per cent people come for cakes, 15 per cent for coffee, 20 per cent for the ambience of the coffee shop and 50 per cent for the ambience of the owner!” Roger Raymond
  6. “The kitchen—I always find it a congenial place to hang out. People leave cookies and cakes that they don’t want to eat at home. And I usually bump into people there making tea or coffee that I wouldn’t otherwise see or talk to.” The New Yorker
  7. “South Los Angeles Beverage Company plans a brewery, coffee roastery and more in South L.A.” Los Angeles Times