on coffee.: H.E.R.’s Coffee and Music Moment, Denver’s Recyclable Coffee Cup, Iced Coffee with Xocolatl Móle Bitters

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1. A Duluth coffee retailer made both online and big-box breakthroughs last month, when City Girl Coffee Co. finalized agreements to be sold on Amazon and by Target stores throughout Minnesota.

2. As part of its Holiday Gift Guide, Forbes named a selection of coffee roasters that are elevating a cup of coffee. The magazine’s article says “these 12 specialty roasters across the U.S. from major metropolitan cities to tiny hamlets to college towns — offer the best coffee you can buy in the U.S., hands down.”

3. Any new entrant must have a robust food lineup to go with the coffee, noting on some days he sells as much as $1,200 in avocado toast at his five locations.” Sonoma County

4. Social norms surrounding tipping are shifting in the U.S., thanks largely to the widespread adoption of technology that puts tipping front and center when paying for a coffee, a trip in a taxi or ride-share vehicle, or food delivery.

5. Even coffee bags marked as biodegradable often have linings that can take 5 to 10 years to break down; while it’s better than the petroleum-based lining, it’s still nearly a decade before the bag is completely dismantled.

6. Coffee beans were placed in a Blu Room, which features UV-B light, music and a unique octagon-shaped room and is believed to promote optimal healing and relaxation.

7. Denver can now recycle paper coffee cups A poly-coated liner inside the cup, a material that keeps the coffee from breaking through the paper and splashing onto your lap, could not be recycled. To solve this problem, the city partnered with the Wisconsin-based company Sustana, which has the technology to strip the poly-coated lining so the rest of cup can be recycled.

8. “When I was still in my mom’s stomach, my dad — he’s a big musician — and his band used to practice in the living room,” the singer said. “I’d hear a lot while my mom was making coffee or something.” Grammys

9. “Freelancers and passersby mix and mingle underneath All Day’s suspended driftwood chandelier while sipping drinks such as Thai iced coffee with xocolatl móle bitters or heart-pumping nitro cold brew and perfectly balanced espresso.” Miami

10. “For most of us, coffee is life.” Style-caster