On Coffee: Compton Herald, Cuvee Coffee, James Corden, LifeHacker, Perfect Daily Grind, June 14.

look who’s talking

“Olympic Pride, American Prejudice,” directed by Deborah Riley Draper, is produced by Coffee Bluff Pictures.Compton Herald

“It was Starbucks that brought lattes and cappuccinos to millions of consumers, ultimately creating the space where specialty coffee roasters like Cuvee can thrive.”  Cuvee Coffee x Austin, TX

“Coffee is everywhere. But that means misinformation about it is everywhere too.”  Lifehacker

Q. “What is your pre-show ritual?” Vogue.  A. “Normally, I just have a coffee.” James Corden x Los Angeles

“Do we now sell specialty coffee or a like inducing photo?” Perfect Daily Grind