On Coffee, September 15th, Shaq, Hipster Barbie, Coffee and Visine

whats shaq really taking about?

the end of a cappuccino at dinette.

the end of a cappuccino at dinette.

on coffee
the most interesting read and said from the week.



I don’t drink coffee either. God, I know. I am so boring, but right next to Milk Studios is this cute place called Blue Bottle Coffee. InStyle

“The pilot grilled steaks. The WTC Borders clerk picked up a pushcart coffee. The mayoral candidate prepped for the primaries. And the terrorists argued over a meat lover’s pizza.” The Daily Beast

“Turning down a deal with Starbucks because he thought, “Black people don’t drink coffee,” as he told Yahoo! Sports.Esquire

“But it seems to have forgotten the coffee and Visine.” Fashionista

“I sat down on the bench and took a sip of coffee. It smelled nice but tasted slightly sour; still it was the best part of the meal.” Roads and Kingdoms

“It’s an endless barrage of pensive selfies in exotic locales, arty snapshots of coffee, and just the right filter on everything.” Wired

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