on coffee.: Vietnam gets cameo from a King , Saudia Arabia’s coffee is a World Cup Contender, Is Tea Taking Over Coffee in Puer China. June 20, 2018

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1: “We’ve selected a signature beverage from every World Cup nation, from the Brazilian caipirinha to South Korean soju to Saudi Arabian coffee.” Saudi Arabia

2: “Of all of the options on this strip, a go-to spot for Arab football fans is this nondescript Italian cafe; don’t expect to sip your macchiato in peace if a local team is playing.” New York

3: “People will know that it is from Rwenzori, Mt Elgon. In the past, it used to be Uganda coffee but we want to go a step further and know where exactly it comes from. This will benefit our clients in the international market,” he said. Uganda

4: Voilà is doing things differently. It’s an instant-coffee manufacturer using 100 per cent traceable, specialty-grade coffee – beans that score 85-plus points on the SCAA scale, an industry benchmark – from start to finish. Australia

5: This summer they are launching a sugar free, zero calorie, sparkling black coffee that they believe will be the staple drink of the summer, alongside a brand new packaging direction that is minimal, chic, and matches their price point of 3.99 MSRP. Brooklyn

6: As young Chinese turn away from tea, coffee cultivation in Puer – a southern China city known for its fermented tea – has almost doubled in seven years. Chin

7: “I am introducing a bill in the National Assembly to provide that coffee be exported only in processed form having been roasted, milled, packed and branded, clearly labelled with a ‘Made in Kenya’ inscription,” Kuria said in a letter to the Speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly. Kenya

8: But instead of throwing back cup after cup, researchers backed by the US Army set out to find the most efficient way to consume coffee. They built a computer algorithm that studies sleep patterns to make recommendations about optimal caffeine intake. United States

9: Vietnam’s Coffee King comes down from the mountain. Vietnam

10: California Agency Says Coffee Doesn’t Need a Cancer Warning.

11: The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment proposed Friday to exempt coffee from a state regulation that require businesses to warn consumers about carcinogens in their products.

12: “Listen to jazz as you sip on a delicious cup of cold brew and read Marquez’s love in the time of Cholera.” Cartagena, Colombia