onCoffee.: Say What? Quotes + Questions, Day 1, Knoxville, Tennessee

say it again

1. “The future of specialty coffee is bright. And, the best days are in the future.” @Kyle_Rampage Mahlkonig USA

2. “Everyone you meet knows something that you don’t.” David Hall, Kaldis Coffee

3. “Even resilient coffee is just raw potential. Its attention to detail that transforms it to extraordinary.” Sarah Wallick, Blue Bottle Coffee

4. “I made a deliberate decision to pursue something that made me happy: coffee.” Chris Vigilante  @VigilanteCoffee

5. “If we as an industry stop using Sumatra as a blender but as a single origin, we up our game. Micah of @AllyCoffee_

6. “Youth helps discover differences. Experience helps define it.” Collin Scheider, @BespokenCoffee

7. “Specialty coffee gives us a sense of place.” Cris Mendoza,@StFrankCoffee

8. “If specialty coffee doesn’t capture hearts and minds of our friends then coffee like this won’t be possible.” Allison @peregrinedc

9. “Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s standards for excellence.” David of Collective Coffee Co.

10. “Coffee is the love of my life.” Derrick Wessels of @beaglecoffeeco

11. “Coffee isn’t just a crop that grows there [Rwanda] it’s the backbone of their economy.”  @eli_ramirez237 @HalfWitCoffee

12. “We devote ourselves to the craft and to the future because coffee is worth it and so are we.” @tiffdgreen @BlueprintCoffee

13. “Understanding complexity in coffee isn’t enough, we have to understand complexity in hospitality as well.” Ruth @populacecoffee

14, “Our indusrty takes complexity by the wheel and drives it to where we want to go.”

Maurice Moulton, @mwm_411 @catalinacafe

15. “I use a tool that’s classic for coffee: milk.” Tito Pena, The Wydown Coffeebar

16. “The history of coffee is written in terroir. Narrative lies in taste.” Michael Riopel @IrvingFarm

17. “Why can’t we draw from fine dining for coffee service?” Erik Czuprinksi, @rivercitycoast

18. “Specialty coffee has a special place in the world for all of us,” Abby Lancaster of @Axumcoffee about @BalzacBros

19. “I’m not here for good, I’m here for perfect.” Erika Vonie @OkAn_EerieEvil, Variety Roasters