onCoffee.: Say What? Quotes + Questions, Day 2, Knoxville, Tennessee

run that back


black coffee

“Each coffee has a story to tell.” @aaronjohnathon @indabacoffee

“There is a romance to coffee drinking.” Penelope Hearne Tobys Brooklyn

“Over a cup of coffee, life happens.” Shane  Hess @JubalaCoffee #coffeechamps

“Quality is both inspiring and implicit.” @MaxwellAMooney @narrativecoffee

“We have a responsibility to be better. No one on either side of the counter is left behind. @moriahdarling @BongoJavaRoast

“To spark excitement and curiosity converts commodity consumers to specialty enthusiasts.” Amelia Wimmer @TNTCoffeeCo

“Barista’s help us stay up to date and inspired.” Sean Hundley @onelinecoffee

“True qualities happen – it’s more than we, as a cooperative, but as collectives.” @ScarfNinja1812 @LaColombeCoffee

“When I think about coffee, I think about experience, how it makes me feel.” Hana Kaneshige @Vervecoffee

“We’re all in the pursuit of excellence. As you go through the doors to learn, don’t shut them behind you.” @colecoffee, Independent

” The consumer is the reason why we’re here, why we’re trying to capture flavors for them.“ Tracy Gill @joevangogh

“I love coffee so much I want to bring people into this industry. I don’t want to sort ppl.” Andrew Burgason, @windmill_coffee

“Coffee is a seed of a fruit and exceptional coffees taste like it.” @coffeeandbikes @EverymanNY