opinion:. Zagat’s #latteart

photo: mine. latte art from Lavender & Honey

photo: mine. latte art from Lavender & Honey

The world of coffee might be a bit blog-a-buzz with Zagat’s National Coffee Trends survey which was released today. Simply put, I think trends are relative indicators – they’re markers, broad ones at best, of what’s happening in any industry. As specialty coffee draws in more palate-versed consumers who can also provide human data on their consumption habits, preferences and lifestyle choices on how how they experience coffee, more studies like this one will surface.

In regards to the survey, what I choose to hone in on is one of the “trends, “latte art is #trending, as 45% of respondents say they “love it” (up from 38% last year).  Art is such a pivotal component to the experience of specialty coffee.  I have yet to tire of having a cup of coffee ushered to me from the bar of my barista with the craft of art atop it. It’s a perfect love note. On its beauty, Maxwell A. Mooney of Spotted Cow Coffee Company said in his United States Coffee Championship performance. “Nothing like a pretty design on top of your drink.” I agree!

I hope next year this study shows those loving latte art is up again. So a nod to the craft of latte art by baristas all around the world and to the newly crowned United States Latte Art Angie Chun, of Coffee Code Espresso Bar in Fullerton, California. #latteart

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