Culture Cooler.: Coffee is Personal at Cannes, A New ‘God Shot’ and Cindy’s Coffee Shop in J.T’s Vid

front and center

ONE. Israel


his coffee

Palestinian, female director Maha Haj, brings Omor Shakhsiya, translated Personal Affairs to Festival de Cannes.  The film is about an extended family and the strained relationships among them spanning multiple generations.

One of the main protagonists is Saleh, played by Mahmoud Shawadeh along with is i-real-life wife Sana, who plays Nabila. One of Saleah’s character traits is his penchant for coffee, in fact he is more often with it than being without it. Their marriage isn’t the only relationship feeling tension, there is also the lives of their children, including a pregnant daughter whose husband takes on an unlikely acting career. The characters are diverse, imbued with multitudinous layers for parody and comedy that is sure to strike a chord with audiences in Israel, Cannes and beyond.


Cindy’s Coffee Shop, still, Can’t Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake

TWO. Eagle Rock

how you feeling

Justin Timberlake has a feeling. It comes at the first still of a shot at Cindy’s Coffee Shop, along with a classic mug of black coffee. The musician and actor dropped his new video ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ and it feels as good as when Pharrel dropped Happy.

Giving viewers a look at everyday people, in front of everyday places, the feeling is felt by people in Christmas sweaters, suit ,and ties bandannas and coveralls. There’s also a cameo by one Maceo Paisley, yes, we first met him in 2012, and this culture is so glad he hasn’t changed any of his quirky weirdom. This culture’s founder always gets a feeling especially over a ceramic cup of coffee – follow those moments on snap [ coffeetogrpaher] like the one inserted below. Just coffee and dance.

Be sure to check out Justin’s video below.

p.s. There’s something about feel good music and feel good coffee isn’t it? See the theme here?

THREE. World

land of the web

The God Shot used to culturally be known in coffee as the perfect shot of espresso. When, I first began diving deep into coffee culture, I discovered this through a blog called The God Shot, on the elusive chase of a perfect shot and other musings from an ex professional barista.  Today, in 2016, the ‘shot’ can’t just be defined by the chase of an espresso, no, its the chase of a perfect shot of coffee as in a photographed shot.

With the advent and mega proliferation of social media – top heavy shots, flat lays and organized goods are more than a trend, they’ve become part of specialty coffee culture. After all, no picture, no [social] proof right? Check out Betch’s video below.