photo essay.: Rose Park Coffee Roasters on Pine, Long Beach, CA.

petal pusher


A set of palms near Rose Park Coffee Roasters.

Short is an adjective far from the creative minds behind Rose Park’s second coming of a specialty coffee shop. Rose Park’s downtown location -on Pine- goes the distance in design, reaches heights in execution and leaves a lasting memory with complex details like the touch of a well tiled floor.


A tiled floor designed by Ruthi Aida Daughtery.

Rose Park feels fresh and spacious. It reminds me of a space whose caught wind of its predecessor and enunciates itself through espresso pulled with a balanced sunset orange crema that’s self-aware and bright.

It’s tucked away seating choices leave room for ample gathering. Whether in the face of the bar, along a viewing window in a room whose high ceilings allow natural light to bounce in and around you, there’s a play for your emotional needs to be satisfied, whisking you away into a third space other than home and work, if you so choose as I chose.


A barista prepares a drink behind the bar of Rose Park Coffee Roasters


Carefully placed greens, communal seating and exposed doorways guide you in and out of its three rooms revealing that Rose Park squared, is an expanded idea on the thesis of parking oneself to smell the caffeinated roses, where they are aesthetically in bloom.

Room two and three of Rose Park Coffee Roasters.

Sip a petal.