Photo Essay, The Valley Walkers @ Coachella

“where there is coffee there is style”

In the valley – where music and art lived for two weekends, there were people ‘valley walkers’ who were as much of an attraction as acts on stages. There were a show for their humanity, for doing the things that we all do, wandering when lost, enjoying fruit in the heat, being with their partner in between shows, or just enjoying the partially seeded grass.

As I found them, so was I drawn to their Coachella style – which was just an expression of who they were being. In the spirit of the words of one of the Valley’s performers, The Head and the Heart, they also told this symbolic story,

“I know there’s California, Oklahoma,  And all of the places I ain’t ever been to but, down in the valley with [Coachella], These are the places you’ll find me hiding, these are the places I’ll always go.”

cupUp Coachella – cde


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